Purple Dragon Team Mission (OPSEC)

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OPSEC was originally developed during the Vietnam War under the command of Admiral Ulyssess Sharp. The “Purple Dragon” team mission was to determine how the enemy was could gather information on military operations. The data the team got, lead them to the conclusion that the United States military needed to alter tactics and procedures of handling classified information and military in order to reduce an enemy 's ability to make predictions based on the knowledge gained. After the war OPSEC was formally established as a national program when President Ronald Regan signed the National Security Decision Directive Number 298 in 1988. The program was created and implemented as a result of the Purple Dragon team’s notable efforts in the Vietnam War. OPSEC is a process of protecting information that might give someone knowledge of a bigger picture. It is also protecting critical information deemed mission essential. The purpose of OPSEC is to deny your enemy the possibility of gaining information that can be used to hurt or hinder operations, to make sure the enemy can’t easily guess what’s going to be happening next. Little pieces of information like paper shredding and conversations on unsecure lines, can potential give the enemy a clear scope of what is to come. OPSEC violations that have occurred, have caused a lot of concern in the world we live in today.
Many people don’t fully understand what OPSEC is and violate it by posting on their Facebook and
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Exploitations of OPSEC is the root cause to a lot of failed attacks and a lot of lives lost. Maintaining OPSEC disciple in the military as well as one’s personal life can increase ones safety as well as the safety of those around you. My final example of OPSEC is when the lcpl of the s-2 said the vault word, however shortly before that happened the SSgt said that as long as it’s not directly referenced then these words would mean nothing, like maximus
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