Purple Hibiscus Thesis

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In Nigeria domestic violence rate was 21% in 2011, then it raised 9% to 30% in 2013. Like in the book Purple Hibiscus main character Kambili and her family is getting abused by the father. Purple Hibiscus, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. In the story follows the life of the main character Kambili and her family. In Purple Hibiscus Kambili’s father Papa is abusing her and the rest of the family. In the beginning Kambili was very tolerant of Papa’s abuse. In the middle Kambili became more less tolerant of Papa’s abuse. Toward the end Kambili was through with Papa. The Roman poet Horace once wrote, “Adversity has the effect of eliciting which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant.” In Purple Hibiscus , Adichie utilizes the character…show more content…
Kambili develops new talents that she didn’t have before. Kambili was in the car with Father Amadi and she told him she loved him. On page 276,“ That eased the dryness in my throat as we got into his car and I said, I love you.” In the beginning of the book Kambili would have not told Father Amadi she loved him because she would have been afraid of rejection but new Kambili wasn’t afraid of rejection. Mama just had told Kambili and Jaja that she had been putting poison in Papa tea for the last couple of weeks and that is what killed him. This made Kambili angry and confused toward Mama. On pages 290-291, “ Why did you put in his tea? I asking Mama raising. My voice loud. I was almost screaming. Why in his tea? But Mama did not answer. Not even when I stood up and shook her until Jaja yanked me away.” Kambili changed so very much from the beginning of the book. In the beginning Kambili wouldn’t have never thought of raising her voice at Mama let alone put her hands on her. This shocking turn of events really put a hard toll on Kambili and you can see it in her
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