Purple House Short Story

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One frozen morning snow covered the small houses to the narrow streets in Chatman town. Chatman town is a very poor community, so therefore there is a population of 50 people. One of the 50 people lives in the small purple house that is on the only hill in the town. That hill towered over the other houses, like a great dane surrounded by yorkies. The purple house was a very erstwhile house, but on the inside has the looks of a little girl’s room. The walls were painted pink and all the furniture was a cyan color with splashes of neon pink. You would think a little girl lives here, but no Kim Colson just moved in.
Kim Colson moves her three boxes into the purple house from her car at the bottom of. Started, Opened, Kim grabbed the first box
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She pulls out a set of plates and silverware. Then pulls out a set of newly sharpened knives, and sets them down on the kitchen counter . She grabs the next and opens it. It had a pair of lime green silk pajamas, and five sets of her new teacher uniform. Kim walks to her room with the stack of the clothes, and sets them down on her bed. Kim puts the uniforms in the cyan dresser, and the silk lime green pajamas in the next drawer beneath the drawer with the uniforms. While groaning, Kim squats down beside the box and reads the label. Box labeled bathroom, so Kim takes it to the only bathroom in the purple house. She sets the box down in the doorway of the bathroom, and Kim rips the tape off slowly while her eye’s start closing and her head bobs up trying to stay awake to finish unpacking the last box. Kim started setting the items on the counter. First the soap dispenser, her toothbrush and toothpaste, and then the small pink rugs and towels. Kim places the items where she wanted them. Finished, Kim was relieved that she was done unpacking. Kim Colson walks over to the love seat in the living room, and sits with a plop. Eyes closing, Kim quickly falls asleep. Moments later the front door creaks open, and little footsteps echoed through
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