Purpose Biblical Integration

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Biblical perspective should be our worldview, so when one states that we are integrating our worldview into the classroom, theoretically they should be integrating Biblical principles into the classroom (MacCullough, 2008)

In his book , "The Universe Next Door", James Sire defines worldview as providing a foundation on which we live, move, and have our being based on stories from our heart whether they be true , partially true , or false .
Another definition of worldview is defined as, “a set of presuppositions or assumptions which we hold consciously or subconsciously about the basic makeup of our world (McCullough p.14). Worldview also deal with our background; culture; values; philosophy of life; religious choices and faith together, creating our identity.

Biblical Integration is seeing how the topic reveals the character or nature of God, Creation, Mankind, Moral Order, Purpose Biblical integration should be carried out through the whole day in class . It is important to know that biblical integration cannot be thrown together. It should be thought out clearly.

Wordview integration is important for a Christian teacher to
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It shouldn 't matter if a teacher teaches in a Christian, private, or public school setting, they should consider a list of elements that are essential to successfully integrating worldviews in a classroom setting. The first element is Biblical Answers to Life’s Biggest questions. In a Christian school setting this is fine, but it may need to be changed slightly in a public forum. Element two is to create engaging and interactive lessons. Three is Processing Activities; this activity asks students to reflect on What God’s word says and if there are any conflicts within the lesson and the Bible. And element four is to have an Assessment Activity (MacCullough,
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