Essay: I Want To Pursue A Degree In Mechanical Science

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Dynamic to the core and endowed with a passionate streak for knowledge acquisition I have always striven to excel in the field of academia. My propensity for hard work coupled with innate intelligence and visionary zeal have been for me the key to success. Early in my schooling years the training I received attuned me towards the arena of mechanical sciences. Seeing a car move, riding a bicycle I would be intrigued and I would loose myself in its enigmatic world trying to elicit how mechanism of any system works. As a child I would be engaged in playing the game of Mechanix in which I would design movable toys with the help of the design kit. The task commanded focus and ingenuity and the hours spent there playing have gone a long way in moulding my interest in Mechanical Science.
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Being an inquisitive scholar who applied himself wholeheartedly to studies ensured that I secured good results and gained admission in baccalaureate program in Mechanical Engineering. The base that Bachelor’s program in engineering helped me to develop only whetted my desire to study further and I am now looking forward to pursue MS in Mechanical engineering. My immediate goal is to successfully complete MS, secure a commensurate role in a core mechanical engineering firm which would help me to apply my knowledge and hone my technical skills further.Concomitantly my immediate goal is to gain admission in a prestigious institution where learning and evolving as a scholar would be truly gratifying.Post completion of my program I envision myself as engaged in a challenging work environment. Gaining experience I would eventually realize my ambition of becoming an entrepreneur and establishing my own imdustrial start

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