Purpose Of College Education Essay

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What is College For? There is plenty of misconception in what the real purpose of a college education is for. Is it just something people do to get by in life? Because of this many people do not understand why they attend college in the first place. To some, they do it for the sole purpose of getting a job after graduation. In fact, the largest number of people today attends college for this purpose. However, there are a few who do it for the purpose of getting an education. The price they pay in college fees has skyrocketed in recent times. This explains why everyone hurries to get any king of degree as it will help them get in the job market. However, this isn’t always the case given the number of unemployed graduates. There are other graduates who are stuck in jobs that they do not like. They do so since these are the only jobs that are at their disposal. Others, although have degrees and do not use them. They are many reasons for these; others claim that they are simply frustrated in the job market. With all these misconception surrounding college education, one should ask what the sole purpose of getting a college education is. There have been claims that students are buying…show more content…
Majority of them expect to get a job right after graduating; some expect to start their own business after graduation. It’s important that after figuring out what it is one wants to be, they need a plan. Nevertheless, career planning should start early in life (Astin). “In fact, it should start from elementary school. This is where talents are discovered” (Pascarella). Then after discovering their talents, it is important to build on them. After students are aware of what career path fits them, the next step is working towards that goal. For starters, seeking colleges and an education based on the means needed for that career. Also realize that a college degree is just the beginning to becoming that witch you desire to
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