Purpose Of Education In Sparta

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The Purpose of Education For Boys and Girls The Spartans The spartans built a military-like state, and dedicated themselves to the creation of a strong city-state. They conquered neighbouring states, forcing their people into slavery, and demanded for half of the state's’ crops at harvest. This, was a very important factor in the Spartans lifes. To teach future generations these tactics of war, there was an education system built. For the young men around age 7, there was military training, which required the boys to leave their homes and live in the Barracks. They were forbidden to wear shoes, and had only light tunics to wear. they endured harsh training, and were fed only coarse black porridge. Although this was rough, it was viewed as necessary for the young men.…show more content…
They were taught combat training, how to defend themselves and fight back. They were taught that their service to Sparta was higher than their families or loved ones, and although they had no right to vote, they managed family estates while their husbands were away. Although the life seemed hard for the Spartans, I believe it was far worse for the Athens. Unlike the Spartan women, the Athenian women had no rights, and were taught only to bear children, cook for the family, and how to weave cloth. Husbands forced them to stay indoors. They were categorized with slaves. For the free Athenian men, they could vote, unlike the women. They were eager to learn new ideas, and lived in an economic
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