Purpose Of Experiential Learning

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The process of acquiring skills and knowledge by doing things explain what is Experiential learning. The purpose of experiential learning is to learn from mistakes, consequences and achievements. It requires self-initiative and self-assessment. Experiential learning is an effective way to learn because learner learn from experience and their own mistakes. Positive experiences makes learning is more fun but negative experiences can sometimes hinder learning. Experiential learning can be implement in clinical practice by prepare HCW for the experience, then select the experience to do reflection. Learning can be illustrate by using an experiential learning cycle. According to Kolb, learning is a nonstop process, and knowledge is produced by transforming…show more content…
Cognitive learning theories are based on how people think. Cognitive theory describes learning as a “semi-permanent change in mental processes or associations”. Cognitive process to select, emphasis, overlook, reflect and make decision on changes in environment. Cognitive psychology believe that learning is focus on internal process and thinking using brain with active mental process to receive, store, understanding, feeling, organizing and learning consist when new knowledge is adapted or altered through experience. In clinical practice, Cognitive learning theory provides an effective route to teach HCW. Cognitive theory would be the best choice and will definitely integrate cognitive theories as an approach in teaching regarding infection control issues to all health care worker for them to gain…show more content…
According to David P. Ausubel, goal of learning subject matter and improve of presentational methods of teaching is important. His theory of meaningful learning regarding how knowledge is structured, how mind work to process new information and how educators can apply these ideas about learning when they present new material to learner (Gupta, 2014). This model helps educator to arrange and transfer information as meaningfully and effectually as possibly. Advance organisers provide perceptions and ideologies to learner directly. Cognitive structure deals with any kind of knowledge of a field is in our mind, how successfully it is organised. Before offering new material, existing cognitive structure should be increased by presenting concepts. Ausubel discovered that any subject is a chain of concepts and in our mind also, when we accept this facts that is also settled as a chain in our mind, if new concept is presented as related with the old one. In application in clinical practice, step by step to gain perspective on entire matter. ICN to teach skills of effective response learning. Critical thinking and cognitive reformation, also apply individually to new learning. For example, central line associated blood stream infection (CLABSI) is important HCAI in the hospital setting. It
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