Editing Vs Movie Editing

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Does your love for films extend beyond simply watching the latest blockbusters? Do you have just as much respect and admiration for the people behind the cameras as the actors in front of them. Do you dream of producing your own films or assisting with the editing process? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you are a good candidate for obtaining a film production and editing degree. It can serve as your gateway to the creative world of movie making and, who knows, one day you could be part of the next big blockbuster or critically acclaimed film.

Film Production and Editing Degree Information

Associate of Arts Motion Picture & Television Degree

An Associate of Arts in Motion Picture & Television is typically the type
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Within this type of program, there are typically six areas of emphasis, including producing as well as editing. You typically get to choose your area of specialization at the conclusion of your sophomore year. When focusing on producing you’ll learn how to manage complex productions, handle the assembly of creative teams, become familiar with the process of negotiating film contracts and much more. Those who want to specialize in editing will learn about post-production technology and techniques, how editing can make a film more compelling and what type of troubleshooting skills are required when working in the industry.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Film, Post Production Degree

If your interest in film making leans towards editing and the post production side of things, then a BFA Film, Post Production degree can be of great help. With this concentration your main focus is on post-production and it will help you to prepare for careers in this field. Topics that usually form part of this course include film history, post production editing and effects, advanced editing and post-production work-flow.

Master of Fine Arts in Film Production Degree
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There are also some online courses for complete beginners, but these usually only provide you with a certificate and not a degree. Typically you would need a stable internet connection, computer with video editing software and camera with video capabilities to take part in an online film production and editing course. Many online courses provide access to a student hub where you can interact with other students as well as online lectures. In film production it is also not uncommon to have access to online media libraries. While a lot can be done behind your computer, you might also be required to go out and film your own material as part of your

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