Purpose Of Government Provide A Public Service

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Purpose of Government Provide a public service. Explanation of how it meet the common good. They provided Aqueducts, The amazing and highly advanced Roman waterway system known as the Aqueducts, are one with the greatest achievements in the ancient world. The running water, indoor plumbing and sewer system was carrying away disease from the population within the Empire, wasn 't surpassed in capability until very modern times. The aqueducts were built from different combinations of stone, brick and the special volcanic cement pozzuolana. The aqueducts were built only to bring the flow of water in areas where digging, burrowing, or surface grades presented problems. Such as valleys. The entire system relied on different gradients and the use of gravity to maintain a continuous flow, and the engineering at the time was incredible. Without the aqueducts it would 've been impossible for the Romans to maintain the flow of water at the proper levels required. “Roman Aqueducts.” Ancient Roman History Site and Forum, www.unrv.com/culture/roman-aqueducts.php. The Romans could not have built cities the cities as big as they did without aqueducts, and some of their cities wouldn 't have existed at all. There were rules and long traditions of places to look for water. A guy named Vitruvius wrote 10 books on architecture and he wrote about finding water. Some of his advice was obvious,

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