Purpose Of Group Debate Essay

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The Purpose of Group Debates

When individuals gather and exchange their opinions, ideas, and information about matters of interest, it is considered group discussion. Group discussions are when opinions and views can be spoken of freely, but when such a variety of opinions and views are presented, it is likely that conflicts and debates can arise in the midst of it all. When group debates occur, each debater counters the points of the other debaters by stating their position and argument about the matter. Typically, once opinions, views, and different ideas are presented, other’s thoughts can be influenced, but when debating, it is important for the speakers to stay true to their position and influence the opposing side and the audience. Group debates can be very valuable to communication because people are
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When one puts in so much effort to make effective and strong points and arguments, debaters can get very sensitive. Debaters can get offended when their points are countered, especially if they feel like the audience is pulling away from them. Similar to this, debaters can get emotional about certain topics that they step out from being professionalism when the conversation gets tense. Debates cause conflict, and although this is normal, it can be a huge drawback for the ones presenting arguments on topics that they are passionate about. Another drawback from debates is that it can be harder to come to a reasonable solution; it is one side wins and the other side loses. Debates are back and forth between strong opinions and views, and ultimately the solution depends on the audience to judge the most persuasive side. Being passionate about things, especially debatable topics can actually be seen as a benefit as well, but when one feels offended, provoked, or inadequate, there can be drawbacks to debating, especially when the solution is voted on instead of collectively

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