Purpose Of Interior Design

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Architect , interior designer or decorator ? These specialties have different names while their fields of intervention seem so close? So why ? It would be interesting to know what are the skills of each. Understanding it will allow you to find out more about choosing the right professional for you before embarking on your projects.

The decoration focuses on choosing the color of the walls , the floor covering , the style and the size of the furniture . It does not necessarily involve work or else then finishing work such as painting for example. While an interior design project is more to adapt a housing or part of a housing become obsolete, old-fashioned or inappropriate to the lifestyle of its occupant.
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The architect builds houses and buildings. As such he is able to create interior spaces . Some architects choose to specialize in interior design. And in addition, the architect is able to understand the issues of structures related to a place. As such, interior designers must appeal to him if it is necessary to break a wall as part of their project. Indeed, only the architect is able to calculate structural problems.

Being a graduate in decoration will offer great skills to create beautiful interiors. The training of interior designer (France) or interior design (Canada) will bring the same skills as "decor", to which will be added further training in technology, layout and ergonomics. The number of years of training may vary depending on the type of degree chosen and the country where the studies are
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In Quebec , to obtain a degree in interior design , two to three years of studies will suffice for a DEC or DEC bac level (like a BTS in France). In France , to obtain a degree in interior design , you must complete a four or five-year degree for a master's degree (university degree in Quebec). In France as in Quebec, to be an architect (any short) you have to train for five years for a university level.

Countries allow certain bridges. But it is not always easy to find one's way! For comparison, the French interior design diploma and the Canadian interior design diploma offer the same style of skills, although the number of years of study is greater in France to obtain the title. The name is different. Actually here in Canada, the term interior designer does not exist. He is replaced by the term interior designer.

It should also be noted that unlike the professions of decorator and interior designer , the profession of architect is regulated . You must be a graduate of architecture (any short) and belong to an order to be recognized architect. While an interior designer or a decorator can quite learn on the job. It is also characteristic of all construction trades to learn from different projects and always want to learn

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