Purpose Of Interrogation Analysis

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Significance of Interrogation
Interrogation is a socially seen in multiple lights for different countries globally. The range of views can go from questioning to violence to get answers. Where some countries lie really is determined by the government control, crime rates, and the ethical boundaries of that country.

Purpose of Investigation Interrogation is a controversial topic that can be extremely helpful or hurtful to a whole country and its people. Each country has a different way of handling their citizens and problems. Meaning different ways of forming and maintaining their communities and when and how they use interrogation. This raises the question, How does the effectiveness of interrogation differ in the U.S.A. compared
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However, these sources can tend to be too vague and have challenging language. News articles can be reliable to see the world 's different views in act, and the ways countries solve problems. At the same time, the articles are one-sided and not always up-to-date or real.

Methodology Three main points of analysis are the crime rates, government control, and ethical boundaries. The two countries being researched are the United States and North Korea because of their two different sides of the spectrum views, that being said, one must be more effective than the other.

Crime Rates
To begin, in the journal, Dodge informs lawyers of the foreign technicalities of torture because when at max capacity they are going to do what they want. The article goes over how international crimes, like torture, can be a possible act that occurs in official capacity which then means that foreign officials who are responsible for crimes would be immune from jurisdiction even after they leave office. Dodge states, “If serious international crimes, like torture, are considered acts performed in an official capacity, then foreign officials responsible for such crimes may (unless an exception applies) be immune from criminal jurisdiction in other states for such acts even after they leave office.” The limits and where the line drawn when
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A deeper idea of the principle of human dignity in complex and difficult times. Hoover creates this illustration by stating, “Until recently, religious voices were not particularly prominent in the debate about torture.” The debate of torture occurs in many places. Meaning blame can not be placed on one religion as a whole. Which shows there is an international issue that needs to be discussed so there is a true understanding of the different views. Understanding different views will eliminate problems as a whole. For example, the United States is known for the rights and voice they give their citizens, especially in their government. Citizens can even protest what they disagree with. North Korea has a totalitarian government where their people do not have input. Meaning it is frowned upon to go against the government and speak against
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