Purpose Of Being A Leader Essay

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Purpose of being a Leader “Some suggest that the purpose of leadership is to deliver results through others. Others see the leader’s purpose as developing more leaders. Even others see the leader’s primary responsibility is to make the vision come to fruition. I believe that effective leaders do all these things and more”. S. Chris Edmonds on April 13, 2015 I strongly believe my responsibility as a leader starts from people and it ends with people. So, I always think about wants and needs of my followers and make ways to meet those wants in order to make their lives successful. Together with them we set goals to be achieved and will seek the right path for the betterment of lives. Convinced of the fact that I have to be a role model to my community…show more content…
More than ever today, societies around the world are more organized, resulting in an increase in need of leaders in each and every organisation, be it as small as a students’ club in a remote island or a labour organization in a multinational company in a metropolitan city. So, I am convinced of the fact that a leadership philosophy based on core values and principles like, courage, integrity, inclusivity and respect would enable one to evolve as good leader to face the challenges of this century. Successful world leaders like President Donald Trump who exudes great leadership qualities such as decision making, goal setting, confidence, labour of love and judge of character would be constant source of inspiration for aspiring leaders like the Writer [me] to be more like him. What is more, a leader is someone the followers look up to as role models and so they would be expecting a lot from her/him as a leader. I would be meeting such expectations as fairness, integrity, confidence, communication, respectfulness etc. which I consider to be essential for a leader. With this sound personal philosophy of leadership I would be in a position to meet the challenges of this modern time and become a successful leader for the people, of the people and by the
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