Importance Of Worth Living Essay

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Everybody has one life with the same amount of time per day, follow the same law, breathe the same air and have equal rights. However, the way to live a life of everyone is different. As a result, people have different lives. Some people are happy, some are not. Everything depends on you. You are the one who decide and write your own journey of life. I do believe that everyone on earth deserve to be happy no matter what. To be worth living is to live happily. According to “How Will You Measure Your Life?” article, I learned 3 ways to live a happy life which are to figure out the purpose of life, avoid breaking rules and to remember the importance of humility. The first key of happiness is to have life purpose. Dr. Clayton M. Christensen;…show more content…
Humble people know who they are and happy about themselves. They esteem with regard other people. Everyone will feel comfortable being with this kind of people and they will receive positive energy from other people who make them happy. If you think that only smarter people can teach you, your learning opportunities will be limited, but if you learn from everyone, learning opportunities will be unlimited. That way, when you are humble and open minded you can learn many things from everybody, not just theory that you learn from the ones who are smarter than you. To live a happy life, you do not need full of theoretical knowledge, the thing that is more important to learn is to live an effective live, which could be learnt from other people’s experiences. In conclusion, find your life purpose, avoid getting in trouble and be humble are the keys to a happy life. Whatever you do, make sure that it makes you happy and it does not hurt other people. You only have one life, there are so much on earth to explore and enjoy. You never know when is the last day of your life, it could be today or tomorrow, so do things that you will regret not doing them when you still have the chance. With the future remains unknown, you should start now, start doing something that you will be thankful for in the
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