Purpose Of Reading Comprehension

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Department of Education Secretary Armin A. Luistro (2012) underscored that it is important to consider the reading capability of students because reading is the foundation of all academic learning. If pupils fail to master basic reading skills at the outset, it will be a constant struggle for them to other disciplines successfully, thus, depriving them of the chance to become literate and productive individuals (The Philippine Star, 2012).
Obviously, the ultimate purpose of reading is comprehension. No reading takes place when there is no comprehension. Espino (2014) underlines that reading comprehension is one of the pillars of the act of reading. Mingjun (2013) contends that reading comprehension involves extracting the relevant information from the text as efficiently as possible. It should be connected to the information from the written message with one’s own knowledge to arrive at an understanding. Suarez (2015) postulates that students who reach high school are expected to have developed their reading comprehension skills. They are asked to comprehend, analyze, synthesize and evaluate large amounts of information. Sadly, most of the teachers of English observe in their classes that whenever the lesson is on reading, some of the students could hardly answer simple questions such as noting details which concern on the literal questions that can be found in the text and are directly stated. Most of them could not even make inferences about things not directly stated in
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