Benefit Of School Essay

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The benefit and purpose of school is to gain new knowledge and socialize with other people. The importance of school is taken to consideration as it helps you to meet the grades that you need to go further in life, and the skills/knowledge that can be accomplished and improved. School opens up a lot of opportunities for young people because it is the one place where they go to get new life skills and experience. School is somewhere where young people are able to practice their techniques/learning and form social bonds with other students. School is not just for learning but also for young people to help from in a way that they can also build their social skills and attributes when interacting with other students. School is a learning curve experience for some people because they notice a lot of changes around them and they are…show more content…
This a real benefit for all young people as they will know what to expect and what experience and skills they can meet from a real job. Training young people to be a part of the labour force is a learning experience for them because they will gain knowledge about what jobs and opportunities are out there and they can discover that they are not limited to one way as there are many routes that they can take to go forward after finishing school. Training to be a part of the labour force enhances young people to come to a realisation that they are able to make many discoveries about opportunities that suit them whether it is doing an apprenticeship, going into work or moving forward to higher education. Either way, you can gain the knowledge, experience and skills that you though you never had. Schools providing training to be in the labour force is an opportunity for young people to be able to understand the importance of employment, what it is like to be able to earn a living and being able to realise that hard work in the present pays off in the
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