Purpose Of The Chicano Movement

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The Chicano Movement was emerged between 1960 and 1970 during the era of civil justice in America. The purpose of the movement was land restoral, rights of farm workers and improvement in educational policies. Students from US Mexican Federation were the most important part of this movement. Chicano people were suffering with many problems and treated as a minority from years and then they decided to raise their voice for their rights. In 1968, many protests, boycotts and walkouts were arranged for the equal rights of Chicano people. The period of 1960’s, many movements were emerged to raise voice against the civil injustice. Chicano Movement is also one of those movements which has a great impact on later generations. This movement was basically held to raise the voice of Mexican Americans so they can feel pride in their own identity. During the movement, a group of…show more content…
All the actions performed by this group, were according to a treaty written between United States and Mexico in 1848 at the end of Mexico war. Art works by Chicano people established during 1960’s in Texas and this was an effort to emerge the literary, theatrical and visual arts by Mexican-American. The art work was a presentation of Chicano movement and focused to the socio-political activism and cultural identity. It is also said that this is not just an artwork, but a public forum that focus on the history that is, otherwise, lost, and is unique from the American art (Vargas). Mexico’s indigenous past is suggestive to collect the Chicano art to celebrate the work of Mexican artists and intellectuals. The turn of Mexico’s indigenous past is one of the most
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