Purpose Of The US Constitution

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“The purpose of the United States Constitution is to limit the power of the federal government not the American people.” – The Federalist Papers. Our government is not the exact same way it was from the very beginning of its creation. It has changed dramatically over the course of about two-hundred years, as said in the video, “The Constitution must change for challenges in the future.” Truthfully, it has been changed and adapted to meet the ever changing needs of our society. In the very beginning or the “birth,” of our United States government we did not have a constitution, in fact the democratic experiment did not begin in 1776. The American government went through several trial and errors to see what worked and what did not before creating and establishing the U.S. Constitution.…show more content…
The colonists came from several parts of Europe, which includes: France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and most colonists from England and Scotland. Their knowledge about politics originated from their experience with the English form of government. America’s first written constitution was called the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut. Nevertheless, the thirteen colonies were still being ruled by the British Monarchy which was thousands of miles away. Through the participation in colonial governments, the colonials greater knowledge and experience. But, bigger problems were arising with time. For example, “Taxation without Representation,” that was one of the main reasons why the colonists rebelled against the British monarchy. Also, after the French and Indian War, the British needed revenue to pay for the cost of the war debts and to finance defense in North
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