Purpose, Reflective Practice And Career Goals

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Purpose, Reflective Practice and Career Goals: Personalized Competency Based Educational Program Articulating your goals and degree plans at an early stage in the educational process is a difficult undertaking. The Career Center has taken steps to ensure that the students at Capella will have an easier time in deciding what course of action they will take. The resources that they have for students are varied and can be used over and at different times during the progression of the student 's educational career. Professional Purpose and Career Goal Career Goals My career goal has a combination of two educational programs, the Doctor of Education with a Specialization in Personalized and Competency Based Instruction and a PhD in Curriculum and design. I had my goal of writing a cross-curricular textbook realized this week when Finland announced that they would be adopting this type of textbook. The opportunity to design curriculum that could possibly culminate in textbook form is my ultimate goal and that is what I want to achieve with my degrees. Using the research that has been done, and observing the results from the countries that already has part of this system in place is paramount to my degree goals. Further research and development can be done based on previous test scores and assessments. I currently use a layered curriculum in my classroom that allows students to progress at their own speed. What is missing from my curriculum is an assessment at intervals that shows
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