Career Goals Reflective Report

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Purpose, Reflective Practice and Career Goals: Personalized Competency Based Educational Program
Articulating your goals and degree plans at an early stage in the educational process is a difficult undertaking. The Career Center has taken steps to ensure that the students at Capella will have an easier time in deciding what course of action they will take. The resources that they have for students are varied and can be used over and at different times during the progression of the student 's educational career.
Professional Purpose and Career Goal
Career Goals
My career goal has a combination of two educational programs, the Doctor of Education with a Specialization in Personalized and Competency Based Instruction and a PhD in Curriculum and
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I identified numerous organizations that can be used for professional development. NEA (National Education Association), NSTA (National Science Teachers Association), AFT (American Federation of Teachers), NAFSA (National Association of International Educators), and ILA (International Literacy Association). Each of these organizations offers professional development that would augment my program and classroom. ILA offers books on literacy and strategies to incorporate into the classroom along with resources on standards for different subjects. NAFSA has many professional workshops online and e-courses. NAFSA produces publications in the form of magazines that give the trends and growth in education, as well as research. They offer event, shows, and a career connections center. I am already a member of NEA and NSTA, they both offer publications and workshops that can be used during the program. The NSTA is wonderful at providing training for teachers in their field and for improving teaching strategies. Two other associations that are worth considering are Center on Great Teachers and Leaders and Common Sense…show more content…
Using Capella 's Career Center, I was able to explore different avenues for job hunting. I presently work for the Department of Defense where internal job postings are available. What I was not aware of was the need to network for the positions that were offered. In the past, I had always used online postings, newspaper listings and a few times co-worker contacts for possible job openings. The co-worker contacts came when transferring laboratory positions or transferring into laboratory sales. I have not used a recruiter in 30 years, when I started in my field, but at the same time, I sent out applications from newspaper listings that I found from different states. The career center, was quite helpful in pinpointing and identifying the skills that I have end use for work. The values card sort helped me clarify what was important to me in my work environment and what was important in choosing a
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