Pursuing A Biomedical Degree: Personal Statement

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I have always been fascinated by human anatomy and physiology as the human body is an incredibly complex machine. Over the last few years there have been great developments in medicine and technology. Pursing a biomedical degree will enable me to understand how the human body functions efficiently and develop my knowledge in human biology, anatomy, pathology and molecular biology. Many people may assume that treating patients entirely relies on a doctor, but what interests me is that without biomedical scientists, the causes, cures and diagnosis of diseases would not be possible. This shows that the biomedical scientists play an important role in the health care field. I believe this degree will widen my scientific knowledge in depth and gives…show more content…
Our body works like a machine, if one system is not functioning properly, whole body will be affected. Communication between organs is vital as it allows the cells to function effectively according to the needs of the whole body. Those topics and practical skills has enriched my knowledge and enhanced my interest in biology and to pursue a degree in the medical field. My commitment to study a course in medical field was reinforced by a work experience placement at a GP surgery. There, I mostly did admin work and organised data of different patients. From this work experience I gained an understanding of the workings of the surgery, and how the patient database is kept securely due to confidential reasons. On my last day I got an opportunity to observe and speak to the doctors that gave me a good understanding of the roles and duties of a GP. I have also volunteered at British heart foundation charity shop that allowed me to be proactive in my local area and help towards a good cause. This has enhanced my self-confidence and interpersonal skills by talking to wide variety of people from different background and age

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