Pursuing A Career In Cosmetology

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Project Life

I chose Cosmetology because, I love working with hair, skin, and nails. Also there is

something about making people feel better about themselves that gives me a feeling of

accomplishment. With this job, you need to be able to interact with others nicely and

have good listening skills. This is because you may have a client that wants to get

something off their chest or just needs someone to really take in what they’re saying and

maybe be able to professional advice to help with the issue. You always want to be

friendly to you clients; because of this, you’ll get more costumers and earn a good

reputation for your work place. Another great part of cosmetology is, you can be creative

and use your imagination.
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Cosmetologists are actually played a good amount of money for their

hard work and effort put into the projects that he or she is doing. For my schooling, I’ve

chosen to take advantage of secondary schooling options. My first secondary school is,

Jenny Lea Academy of Cosmetology. The cosmetology program takes 1500 hours; this

takes 10-12 months to complete at a cost of $13,700 for tuition, $1,300 for books

supplies, and a $100 dollar registration fee. The Jenny Lea Academy requires upon

admission: persons who have high school diploma or its equivalent (GED) which meets

or exceeds the Tennessee State Board requirement of at least two (2) years of high

school, persons who are at least 16 years of age, and to take a written Entrance
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Admission requirements for instructor course: accredited high

school diploma equivalent (GED), current Tennessee Cosmetology, Aesthetics, Nail

Technician license, also must be 18 years of age at the time of enrollment. Orientation, is

not optional, all students are expected to attend. It is strongly recommended that the

students read their handbooks prior to orientation. Also to keep in mind there is a $300.00

fee due on or before the day of orientation. The classes that help me here are:

Cosmetology at Greeneville Center for Technology, career exploration, and math.

Cosmetology helps me by, starting to earn the hours that are needed to be a licensed

cosmetologist. Also by gaining more knowledge about what all cosmetologists have to

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