Pursuing A Career In Physical Therapy

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I became interested in physical therapy very recently, last week exactly. I became interested in physical therapy when I was researching it in class for a lame project my annoying teacher made me do.Although my dad and all but one of his brothers are in the medical field, I didn’t really know too many details about working in the medical field. I always thought it was just too much school and didn’t give enough down time.However, after researching it I became more interested because it is a very intermediate job in the medical field. Provided it is not as intense as a surgeon, however it is still fairly challenging.Nevertheless, I feel comfortable choosing physical therapy because I have plenty of people with experience in the medical field…show more content…
I chose this site after hours of deep contemplation and meditation and was not at all forced by Mr.Rase to choose this site in any way whatsoever. It had all the basic statistics on all occupations, after some time researching the different careers I chose physical therapy to go more in depth with. I learned that physical therapists on average make 79,860 dollars a year. To get an entry level job in physical therapy a doctoral or professional degree is required.Additionally physical therapy has a thirty six percent growth rate, which means by 2022 there will be around 73,000 new jobs in physical therapy. The work environment can be anywhere from private offices and clinics, to nursing homes and hospitals. However, becoming a physical therapist requires a DPT, or doctor of physical therapy degree. That degree takes three years and it is required to have a bachelor 's degree just to enter the program. This process can take anywhere from six to nine years, which is short in comparison to some other programs. On a daily basis physical therapists will need to diagnose, set up a plan, and treat patients in various ways. These patients range from elementary school to senior citizens. Physical therapists spend a lot of time on their feet moving from patient to patient and have busy work hours. Getting a degree and a career in physical therapy is very easy because of the 218 physical therapy programs in the country, and…show more content…
He would come to work at around nine am and start off with filling out some charts for patients and filing them. When patients begin to come in he would check to see what is wrong with them and determine a plan that would help them get better as soon as possible. He would see young kids and people in their seventies with anything from a sports injury to chronic diseases. This would probably go on all day with very little time to relax while at work. The physical therapist would be on his feet nearly the entire day. In all of my research I also learned some interesting things about physical therapists. For example physical therapists make anything ranging from fifty to eighty thousand dollars a year.Additionally, physical therapy has one of the highest growth rates in the job market, thirty-six percent, which means there will be lots of jobs in the next ten years. The physical therapy program is also fairly short compared to some others, it 's only three years after a bachelor 's degree. Some of my questions were answered like what the average work day is like, I was concerned that I would be on my feet all day which can be stressful over the years.However, some of my questions remain unanswered, for example, how hard it is to get into the physical therapy program at most colleges. My thoughts about this career are pretty much the same as when I
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