Pursuing A Nursing Career

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Personal statement Nursing is one of the most demanding and difficult careers, but if the reward comes with thankfulness and trust, it is definitely worth it. My desire to take the nursing course was not spontaneous; I have always shown the interest in helping other people and it was my long lasting dream to become a part of a healthcare system. I fully realize that it is important to have a realistic understanding of what being a nurse means. For the last twelve years I have been working as a nurse in the operation theatre. I have got a valuable experience while working in the team with real professionals who taught me to follow all the medical instructions and be attentive on the working place. There are times when my work becomes very stressful and exhausting, but…show more content…
The nursing becomes more and more involved in the communication with patients and their families, and also providing not only physical, but also emotional support. In some cases it literally means support for patients until the end of life. Moreover, it is important to be able to develop relationships with patients quickly and clearly understand their needs. Thus, I believe I have all of the above mentioned qualities and will do my best to improve them even more. The various skills which I gained while working in the operation theatre can be basis for the future studying and practice. I have a huge motivation and determination to achieve my desired career, and I am ready for academic challenges. There is a lack of experienced and educated nursing staff in my home country, Kuwait. That is why Bachelor of Nursing can be a huge benefit for me while applying for a job in hospitals and medical centers. Thus, it would give me an opportunity to find an interesting job in the health care field, and also help contribute to the development of the National Health care
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