Pursuing A Personalized Career

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As each year passed, I realized how much my family members have deteriorated. Whether it was through mental health or physical health, it seemed as though someone was constantly at war with their personal health. For this reason, I want to educate myself on what causes people to get sick and how it affects them internally. As a result, I chose Microbiology as my major. The knowledge I gain about microbes and their effects on human beings will allow me to undergo the research needed to help defend the population against them. As of now I want to dedicate my life to research and finding cures. Although this is my goal I am also interested in a more personalized career such as nutrition. These two fields will allow me to help others in ways I have not been able to help my own family members.…show more content…
As I continue my education here at UCR, I will obtain a lab position and prepare myself for graduate school. My intended field of study will be either Epidemiology or Nutrition, depending on the path I choose to take. Although I have laid out my future, my biggest obstacle is finding the money to pay off each quarter. Within the last few months, both of my parents has had their hours cut and it is now necessary for me to find a job. Regardless of the stress, we all know it is necessary for me to continue my education and strive for excellent grades. With all this said, my motive for attending college is to help the world around me and to give my family all that they
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