Pursuing A Potential Interview

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When looking for a job it is important to have the right knowledge in order to be ready for a potential interview. Employers tend to look for valid candidates and they want to make sure the next employees are well prepared and ready to start. Carlos is going to consider some different ways to find information about the horticulture technology field. He will needs to find out as much as he can about his field, and demonstrate interests in what he is doing. He needs to be able to discuss products and market of the industry. Also, researching information about employers is a good way to obtain some competitive edge. Carlos is going to graduate soon, which means that his job experience is not wide, but it could be helpful to study the industry. Moreover, being informed gives people more confidence, help them with their communication skills, and portray them as experienced individuals.…show more content…
Carlos should learn about the field he is in, for example, education requirements, job description, and salary. Also, learn what the companies are known for, products, services, and reputation. Likewise, learning about a specific job is as important, he needs to identify what kind of workers companies are looking for. What the job requirements are, education, experience, and working conditions. Similarly, learning about the trends that the horticulture is going to face. Some of them could be changes in products, changes in business model, and changes in technology. However, there are some major changes that a company can have such as social, economic and diversity. Something relevant that will stand out is the career related vocabulary. Every industry has different vocabulary and will be helpful for Carlos to expand his vocabulary with new words used in the field. Also, this can help him write a better resume, have a good interview, and most important conduct a good career
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