Pursuing My Military Career

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People of all walks of life became themselves by their upbringing, the people they associate with and how they deal with day to day situations. Some may have advantages depending on their financial and educational backgrounds. In my case, I was fortunate/unfortunate enough to have grown up in two different countries. Having to teach me a new language at a young age, as well as having to learn how to interact, read, and write as a young adult. In either situation, people around me made me aware of my shortcomings, which were difficult to deal with at times and as embarrassed I may have felt, the more determined I got to show them and to succeed. Starting with my early civilian career to retiring from the Army, and now pursuing my degree in General Studies. I, Danny Edwards will strive to do well in this English 1301 class to complete my Associates Degree and continue to further my education by applying my family values and professional integrity, embracing constructive criticism and cherishing the rewards of accomplished goals. Family values and professional integrity were important in achieving my goals. The strength to push on,…show more content…
I came to understand this while in the military, even though, as a lower enlisted it was a bit harsher, but I got to understand not wanting to repeat the same mistakes over again. Over time I got to learn not only to receive but also to give constructive criticism, and it is just as important. Nothing positive ever came from treating people without respect, they tend to avoid you and not being honest in fear of adverse criticism. You should not just Critique but give pointers, other perspectives, so not only do they understand the mistake but not to repeat. It has been eventful in the past 25 years, but I also credit it for having me become who I am through this English class and on to the next
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