Pursuing Nursing Career

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Isaiah Clements Period.3 Mrs.Vargas Registered Nurse When I was five years old I cut my finger while helping my mother make guacamole. My mother rushed me to the hospital because this wasn’t an ordinary cut, we got to the hospital I was frantically fussing until nurse Judy puts me at ease with a sucker. Ever since that day I have wanted to become a nurse.Throughout this research process and job shadow I hope to determine if I will be pursuing this career field after high school. Also I wanted to become a nurse because it’s a job that's always available and work will always be around, and at the same time you're doing some good for the community I also like the idea of helping others. I expect to learn the proper techniques and tools…show more content…
I would need good communication skills and people skills. Also I feel that I have a good personality to fit this career. I am good with people I enjoy helping others, I think I am more than capable of doing this job and I look forward to pursuing my career and furthering my education. I could gain experience in the field mainly I feel that I already I posse the personality traits to excel at this job. I believe I could gain experience mainly on the job itself,l I would need a lot of field work and job shadowing to really excel at this job. Some personality characteristics I currently possess is that I have excellent people skills, and the willingness to help others. I am suited for this career because I am enthusiastic and possess the physical traits, and personality traits to become a great nurse. Also I believe I already possess skills and talents that will help become a nurse, I am very good with people and I take pride in helping others these skills can be applied to my future career in numerous amounts of ways. I can apply the skills I already possess right of the bat I will be able to communicate with others and be very resourceful to everyone around me. I suited for this career field because I enjoy helping others also I will have problem talking and working with people during hard times. I believe I will my personality characteristics will align with the traits needed to become a very successful emergency room nurse. I would in enjoy doing this but the earnings this profession provides is also a
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