Pursuing Orthodontics: A Career As A Pediatrician

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The careers that I might want to pursue: 1. I would like to pursue pediatrics. Pediatricians take care of children from birth to when their patients become legal adults. Pediatricians do check-ups regularly and check the height of weight of their patients to make sure they are growing at a normal rate (CareerOneStop, 2015). They must also make sure that their patients are healthy and that there are no abnormalities or signs of diseases. The advantage of being a pediatrician is you get to help children and prescribe medicine if needed for them to get better or help mend their injuries. You also get to work in your own private office to help your patients. Pediatricians get to bond with their patients and become long friends. Pediatricians also get to maintain a relatively constant work schedule and will not be called into the office at different times (Kokemuller,…show more content…
I would not like to pursue orthodontics. Orthodontists study teeth and how they should align. They need to take x-rays of the teeth and jaw. If needed, they will recommend braces or retainers to their patients. They are trained to perform oral surgery, give shots, and prescribe medication (CareerOneStop, 2015). Being a part of this field requires orthodontists to have good visions and good hand and eye coordination. The advantage of orthodontics is that most orthodontists do not work for anyone, but themselves. In order to be successful, orthodontists have business experience. There are good employment projects for orthodontics. They get to help patients get straighter teeth and fix the alignment of the teeth. The disadvantage is that they have to buy or rent their own instruments (Learning Path, 2015). They also have to work a lot with their hands and the procedure may cause pain for the patients. They need to be able to stand for long periods of time to deal with their patients. The orthodontics program is quite expensive and working on the weekend and night is very common (Learning Path,

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