Pusat Perubatan Kampong Baru Case Study

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Al-Islam Specialist Hospital previously known as Pusat Perubatan Kampong Baru (KBMC) was set up in 1996 as part of the Muslim Youth Movement efforts with the intention of inculcating Islamic values in its care deliveries. This boutique hospital went through a rebranding exercise by changing its commercial name in 2008. On average Saturdays, the hospital compound appears as if it is one Indonesian community with obvious presence of foreign patients at the hospital. An exclusive interview was conducted with the executive in charge of the Corporate Affairs department. The hospital has records of their active participation in post Tsunami humanitarian activities. In addition, the hospital has accommodated training of nurses from nursing schools in Aceh…show more content…
The Bataks is one of the major ethnic groups in Medan. In the past the Dutch employed them as workers on oil palm plantations. The Bataks reside throughout the city. The Mandailings also live here in large numbers and work in the most strategic government position. In addition, there is a large ethnic Javanese community, largely made up of the descendants of people transported from Java in the last century to be employed as contract workers at various plantations in North Sumatra. They are usually known as Pujakesuma (Putra Jawa Kelahiran Sumatera/Sumatra-born Javanese). Their presence in Medan can be marked from various Javanese toponymies in Medan, such as Harjosari, Sarirejo, Sidodadi, Sidomulyo, Sidorame, Sidorejo, Sitirejo, Sudirejo, Tanjungrejo, Tanjungsari, Tegalrejo, Tegalsari, etc. (mostly in East Medan and Medan Tembung area). The Malays and Karo peoples are the natives in Medan, already living in the city after the founding of Medan. The Malays living spread throughout the city, but they have a big concentration population in Medan Maimun, Medan Kota and Medan Area, meanwhile the Karo people mostly resided around Medan Selayang and Medan Tuntungan

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