Push And Pull Factors In Migration Theory

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1. Explain the following terms
a. Migration: refers to the movement of people from their homeland for the purpose of settling down and seek a new life in another country. Their movement would be because of civil war also for them to have a better standard of living.

b. Immigration: this is when people come from other countries to live in a new country. For instance, a Belizean going to live in the United States of America.

c. Emigration: this is where people leave one country and go live in another for various reasons. For example, Chinese coming to living in Belize and attain permanent citizenship.

2. Explain, using examples, what are they (1) Push and (2) Pull Factors in migration theory.
Migration has always the result of the push
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For instance, the Garinagous came to Belize in November 1832 because they were forced to leave St. Vincent because the British tried to enslave them. They settled in the island of Roatan, Honduras, in southern Belize, settling in Punta Gorda, Barranco, Hopkins, Dangriga. They found land and peace and Belize and this is a pull factor for them. Additionally, the Mestizos came to Belize in 1847 because they were fleeing from the slaughter and violence during the “Guerra de Castas”, this was a push factor for them. While, their pull factor to Belize was for a better standard of living and jobs, in the long run they entered into farming and the sugarcane industry. And so, they eventually formed and developed districts such as Orange Walk and Corozal. Furthermore, the Mennonites migrated from Europe to Mexico and Canada and eventually Belize. Their religious persecution pushed them from Europe and what pull them to Belize has the opportunity of land and for them to continue practiced their religion and way of life, undisturbed. All in all, each ethnic group that Belize is bless with and that form part of Belize’s melting pot of cultures, came because of different push and pull factors. Each bring their unique cultures and custom and continue practicing it here in…show more content…
With this it has impacted Belize both positively and negatively. Firstly, it has positively impacted Belize through the increase of population. After the end of slavery Belize’s population count was under four thousand people, in the early 1900s, Belize had grown nearly to 40,000 inhabitants, and in 2000 approximately 249,000 people, and presently it has a population of 380,010 people which shows that it have significantly grown over the years. Also, with immigration it has introduces different religions, languages, and systems, etc. For instance, the Mestizos, Mayas and Garinagou religion is Roman Catholic. As well, the Mayas introduced the Alcalde System and the Mestizos went into the sugarcane industry and introduced it. All these cultures came and settled various parts of Belize. The Mayas can be found in the Toledo District, the Mestizos in the northern part of the country, like, Corozal and Orange Walk. The Garinagous in the Stann Creek District, the Mennonite in smaller communities like Spanish Lookout, Ship Yard, Blue Creek, etc. Though immigration has positively impacted Belize, it also impacted it negatively. Such as that it has contributed to racial tension and social disharmony. In addition, it brought new diseases such as yellow fever and inequity in land distribution. Overall, immigration of
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