Push And Pull Factors Of Human Trafficking

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There are many factors that incite the business of trafficking people and aids in spreading its tentacles. To facilitate a better and easy understanding, they are divided into push and pull factors . Push factors are primarily origin based factors whereas pull factors are those present at the place of destination. They both are complementary to eachother, luring the victim to fall into the trafficker’s trap. Push factors involve: • Class and Caste structure- G.S Ghurye in his polemical work had stratified the Indian society into different segments and established the functioning of different divisions by calling each division a caste. According to him, caste system is a very intrinsic part of the Indian society. However, the stratification of society into different caste groups led to the emergence of various classes and adversely contributed to human trafficking. The people of the lower castes were always subject to exploitation by the upper castes. As the upper castes enjoyed a certain degree of influence and respectability in the society, the lower castes not being the owner of such powers and privileges, were subject to victimization on account of their vulnerability. As a result of this, the people undergo economic deprivation and status frustration. This victimization alienates them from the main stream society and in order to be de-victimized and be free from this vicious cycle, they get drawn into illegitimate opportunity structure. In the process of seeking
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