Push And Pull Factors That Affect Human Migration

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There are 232million people living outside their country of birth, including myself. All of us are part of a productive global economy that benefits our world as a whole” —Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General Migration is the movement of people from one place to another with the intent of settling down in the new place. It is nothing new or unique to the modern world. People have left their home countries to settle in far flung destinations, since time immemorial. Let us take the modern example of the period of Industrial Revolution (1843-1939) in England and Europe in general. Multitudes of people left Europe to escape the poverty that was a result of the industrial revolution. They migrated to many parts of the world including USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa. After the first world war, a large number of people left…show more content…
The causes of migration are broadly divided into four categories. Economic causes – When people migrate to find work or better career opportunities than they had in their home countries, the reason for migration is considered economic. Social causes – When people migrate seeking a better lifestyle or a proximity to family and friends, the reason for migration is called social. Movement due to marriage is an important example of social migration. Political causes – War, persecution, political intolerance cause people to migrate. These are political causes of migration. Environmental causes – Extreme weather conditions, natural disasters are environmental reasons for migration. Types Human migration has given rise to some patterns based on the number of people who move, where they move to, reasons for migration and many more factors. Based on these factors, some common types of migration have emerged. They

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