Push And Pull In Tourism

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Literature Review
2.1 Introduction Based on the problem that has been mentioned in chapter 1, there is a gap of the knowledge in motivation between nature based activities that participated. First, it wil be explained the motivation then into the motivation in tourism context. Third it will be explain the relationship between travel motivation and activity participated in nature – based tourism.
Motivation is a subject that is often discussed constantly, especially in the psychology study area. In addition, motivation also has been studied and discussed in other study area include education, tourism and others studies which involve with psychology. The word of motivation was inspired from Latin verb mover meaning
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The first concept Push and Pull was introduce is by Tolman (1959) and later by Dann (1977) it is one of the most recoginized theory (Uysal, Li & Truk, 2008) To understanding more about Push and Pull motivation, firstly it to defined the meaning of ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’ and the factor of ‘Push and Pull’. According Uysal, Li &Truk (2008) was defined the ‘Push’ factors is the needs and wants of the traveller, the desire why people want to get away from their usual environment meanwhile the ‘Pull’ factors is the reasons for going to the particular destinations. In the most cases, people travel and participated in leisure because of the ‘pushed and pulled’ with the forces of motivation and destination attributes. Uysal, Li & Truk (2008) state push it is under the socio- psychological construct of the people and their environment influence the individual in making decision and enhance the demand to makes people travel or participated in leisure activity. On the other hand, for the pull factor is from a result of the attractiveness of a destination and through to help establish the destination choice. Mehmetoglu & Norman (2013) has identify the five ‘Push’ main travel motivations towards the nature-based activity that participate which is in his study case at Northen Norway. The five Push motivation are ‘Novelty’. ‘Prestige’, ‘Physical Activities’, ‘Escape’ and ‘Relaxation’ towards four types of nature-based activity which is camping, fishing, hiking and whale

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