Putrefaction And Decomposition Research Paper

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All the processes of carbohydrate, protein, neutral lipid, and fatty acid degradation all provide transition between the stages of putrefaction and decomposition. When carbohydrates being to deteriorate in the intestines the body is still experiencing putrefaction, but once the last fatty acids and complex proteins are being broken down the body is well into the stage of decomposition. There is no clear line between putrefaction and decomposition. The decomposition stage, the sixth stage, is a broad stage that encompasses everything from the first microorganisms breaking down sugars in the intestines to the last vulture picking any the final scraps of meat. Decomposition can be broken down into five individual sub-stages. The first of which is fresh. The fresh stage may include the stages of algor mortis, rigor mortis, and livor mortis. These stages are where the body adjusts to the surrounding temperature, becomes stiff, and then discolored due to blood setting in the bottom of the corpse. The release of cellular enzymes then commences to breakdown nearby…show more content…
The body cavity fills with gases as the bacteria decomposes tissue in the intestines. These gasses include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen, and hydrogen sulfide. At the same time decomposing tissues may begin to liquefy. The pressure of the gasses on the liquefying organs can cause the liquid to be forced to escape via the nose, mouth, and other orifices. The building gases also help to transport the pigmented sulfhemoglobin throughout the body giving the corpse a distinctive, marbled effect. This is also the stage where maggots would first begin to appear and make the decomposing body their home. These maggots and other insects will help to speed up the degenerative process. The accumulation of gas sometimes reaches a point where the skin ruptures to let out the excess gas. This is also the phase where the corpse starts to carry that recognizable decaying

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