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Starting off with the first movie “Pyaasa”. In Pyaasa hero Vijay is a poet and also jobless, his brothers don’t like him and wanted to destroy him that is why once they sold all Vijay’s poetry to a waste shop ( kind of wasted it ) and also kicked him out of the house. Now as discussed in the introduction in this time hero’s character revolved around the societal conflicts and Vijay’s example was a very big prove to it. The part female leading role begins when Gullabo (a girl shown as a prostitute) somehow reached that waste shop at bought that poetry written by Vijay earlier. Over here the director shows a massive reality of society that how ruthless nature can be for the poor and penniless people that due to her poor condition and lack of money Gulabo had to become a prostitute in order to earn money somehow. This was the dark reality shown by the film maker at that time which is not found the last few decades’ movies.
So coming back, Gullabo felt really impressed by the poetry but her first meeting with Vijay didn’t go well, realizing that she started a search of Vijay in order to apologize of her
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In movie Devdas we had three main characters. The first two ones Par and Devdas. In the beginning both of them where shown as playmates to each other and by the time went on Paro’s attraction towards Devdas keep on increasing. Earlier Devdas was sent to Calcutta and in the movie it is specially shown how Paro felt after the departure of Devdas. This as to show the audience about the love which was growing in her heart for Devdas, this also included a sad song. After the return of Devdas Paro became much beautiful and grown up. A twist in her life came when her mother took her proposal for Devdas to Mukherjee’s house but they rejected her due to their so called higher pride. Now her father decided to marry her with an old man having grown up kids

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