Pyfrom's Case Study

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Carleton Pyfrom II requested that I accompany him in the evaluation of a patient who is stating that he is suicidal. Mr. Pyfrom II and I met with him upstairs in the quiet room. The patient stated that he wanted to “blow his brains out” because he was on a high dose of pain medications and has not been able to get them here. Mr. Pyfrom II questioned the patient about his circumstance and he stated that he had a stroke and has been on pain medications, which were prescribed by Dr. Patellis, he is here today to see Dr. Katoch. After future evaluation it was determine that the patient had a referral on file to a pain clinic, but since he would not be assigned by Medicaid to our practice until 4/1/2016 we had to wait until 4/1/16 to make his referral. Mr. Pyfrom explained that his referral would be made tomorrow, 4/1/2016.…show more content…
Pyfrom was out of the room I made an evaluation of the patient’s mental state and assessed that the patient has no really intension of harm to himself or others, he was just feeling frustrated that he could not get his pain medications and that his pain is unbearable. I explained to him that our providers do not prescribe pain medications at the strengths which he has become accustomed to receiving. I went on to explain that statements of self harm and/or intent to harm another has to be reported since we are mandated reporters, additionally no providers will give pain medications if they told that the patient is suicidal, first the threat of suicide must be addressed before any medication can be prescribed. I suggested that this type of threat usually will not get him the type of attention that he is seeking. He stated that he understands and will refrain from making these statements in the

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