Pygmalion And Jason In Greek Mythology: The Discrimination Of Women In Modern Society

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Ever since the beginning of time, men and women have been treated differently from each other. Due to a male’s physical traits and attributes, historically speaking, he has been treated far better than his female counterpart. Though the issue of discrimination towards women has indisputably improved over the last century, the same moral values that the Ancient Greeks held true concerning women are still prevalent in certain ways in today’s society. The actions of the respected characters Pygmalion and Jason in Greek Mythology have influenced how women are degraded through the avenue of the advertisement industry in the media. Though the Greeks evidently did not have access to televisions, computers, radios, and other venues that are commonly associated with the spreading of information, they still utilized a form of media. The countless mythological stories regarding different gods, goddesses, and mortals were just as influential on society as mainstream news and advertisements are to citizens of the United States during the twenty-first century. James W. Carey, an author, states in his book Communication as Culture, Revised Edition: Essays on Media and Society, “Modern communications…show more content…
Just as Pygmalion only loves what he considers to be a perfect woman, magazine executives tend to only hire models of certain sizes with certain physical features. Anna Petrescu, who holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge claims that, “Media construction of modern beautiful woman portrays a thin woman” (Why Women Are Degraded In America). Women go through drastic measures to achieve this, which according to Petrescu, adversely, can lead to many health disorders (1). These women are trying to impress men who hold very similar values as Pygmalion, because they feel that they are socially accountable to do so, thanks to the values that mythology established many years

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