Pygmalion And The Importance Of Being Earnest Analysis

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Bayshan Mahmood
Marry-Loise Speelman-Klop
Literature New Style
16 Januari 2018

Women have power over men
The Victorian era is characterized with men being portrayed as heroes in the society. It has always tended not to let women take any position and make them less important and powerful than men. Women had no right to vote and their education, attitudes and feelings were not taken into consideration. They were merely the docile severs at home. However, Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw managed to write beautiful and astonishing plays to show that women can be empowering and have their own aim in life.
In both “Pygmalion” by George Bernard Shaw and “The important of being Earnest” by Oscar Wilde, the reader is pushed to understand the drastic change in the female character’s outlook on their situation, and the concept of making your own destiny. In both of these literary works the female characters break the Victorian mentality that women can only stay at home and do household tasks, and please their husbands. They are presenting themselves as ingenious and self-assured human beings. In “The important of being earnest” we have the alluring and charming Gwendolen Fairfax. A woman who is in love with the protagonist Jack, whom she knows to be earnest. In Pygmalion, the character Eliza Doolittle is an impoverished flower girl from London who transforms into a graceful lady. However, how do both Gwendolen and Eliza reverse traditional gender roles? In contrast, how do they

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