Pygmalion Nature Vs Nurture Analysis

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Conflict Between Nature and Nurture in Shaw's Pygmalion
Dr. V. Iyappan
Assistant Professor
Department of English
Annai College of Arts and Science
Kovilacheri, Kumbakonam

Two great scientists Charles Darwin and Issac Newton influenced modern scientific thinking-though in two different ways. The publication of Darwin's Origin of Species, gave a realistic basis for questioning the divine shaping of human beings. That enabled people to see themselves as arising out of natural physical processes, shaped by their environment over huge period of time. Contrasted with this is the Newton’s view of the cosmos which can be summed up by saying that “the universe is a giant mechanical clock that is gradually unwinding"(3). But this leads to a rather
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Genetic material does not spontaneously give him language skills. These are all gifts of environment. They arise in a man out of our relationship with other people. For example, a child, growing in a multilingual lingual environment will learn to speak several languages; this is possible not because of genetic character but because of environment. Considering this enormous influence that environment has on the shaping of identity, and the skill with which a man expresses his innate, genetic, potential, it can be at least assumed that when human beings live on another planet, or in a vastly different environment, their humanness will also, presumably, be different too. From what has been said, the influence of "nature", and the influence of "nurture", both play enormous parts in our personal development or the inhibition of it. But if one is to really to understand the forces out of which he emerges, he must perhaps see himself as being intricately interwoven with every aspect of life around him and in him. This is the central point of discussion in the present dissertation. The heroine Eliza was born in a poor family; she used a dialect of English which was scorned by Prof. Higgins. It was Higgins's efforts which made Eliza speak English fluently-the way an educated man would speak. It is here the parallel between Higgins and Pygmalion becomes valid. Eliza becomes almost automation in the hands of Higgins; it was only finally that she grows independent and decides to marry Freddy. It is something like the creation outsmarting the
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