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Pygmy goat is a miniature domestic goat that mostly restricted to West African countries. Some goats which have similar characteristics with the Pygmy goats also found at the south western African countries, in all of northern Africa and in east Africa. In 1950, Pygmy goats were imported from the European zoo into United States. The reasons why are the goats were on showcase as exotic animals and for research as well. The Pygmy goat is started to become exhibition animals as exotic animals was when they were exported to zoos in Sweden and Germany from Africa and made their way to Canada, the Unites States and England. In 1959, the first documented shipments of Pygmy goats from Sweden were received by the Rue family in California
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Due to small size, people tend to think that the Pygmy goats are very cute and want to take them as their pets. Usually, castrated goats (wither) will become the animals which to be adopted as pets. Because of Pygmy goat’s eagerness to interact with children and adult, they become the most popular petting zoo animals.

Body coat:
 Straight with medium long hair that fully covered the Pygmy’s body.
 The length of the body coat is depends on the seasons or climates.
 Any colours such as agoutis, caramels, solid blacks and blacks.
 Grizzled (agoutis) pattern are the major coloration that produced by the intermingling of light and dark hairs. Mostly the body colour is lighter than the stockings.
 Caramels are more to light brown or white colour and there is existence of vivid vertical stripes at the dark stockings (anterior part).
 Solid blacks can be described as all black without any different colour.
 Blacks are only having different colour at certain part such as eyes, ears and nose.
Horned or polled
 Both sexes have horns.
 As companion animals, some Pygmy goats already polled.
 The head size is in moderate size with well rounded muzzle. The ears are usually mobile in alert mode and medium in size.

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