JACL And Min Reflection Essay

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JACL and Min Reflection In the article Korean’s Immigration History and Contemporary Trends, by Pyong Gap Min, she analyzes the Korean Immigration trends and explain the reason behind the trends. She also mainly focuses on the Contemporary period of Korean immigration to the US. More Koreans immigrated to the US because the Immigration Act of 1965 allowed immigrants from every country to enter instead of preferring immigrants from one country over another, due to economic prosperity. Furthermore, Korean immigration to the United states increased because of the restricted political freedom due to military dictatorships and political tensions within South Korea. The media also increased Korean immigration. As more Koreans are persuaded that America is the land of prosperity, they are likely to go there. Moreover, the strong military ties between the United States and Korea encouraged more Korean Immigration into America. However, in the 1990, Korean immigration decreased. First, economic and political conditions improved in Korea. Second, political conditions in Korea improved through putting an end to military…show more content…
In other words, how we violated the constitution. This article also explains the motives behind imprisonment of the Japanese Americans and the removal of the Japanese Americans from their homes, and what can be done to reverse or reduce the effects that these tragic events left behind. The effects of incarceration have influenced the Japanese economic levels significantly, in that their earnings and their opportunity drastically decreased. Finally to mitigate the effects of the imprisonment and the expulsion , the Civil rights act of 1988 granted money to each affected Japanese American as an apology. Lastly, this article focuses on narratives of how Japanese people feel about the way they are being
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