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Pyrgos, Greece is warm, somewhat humid, and very sunny. There are 25,180 people living here, the first attack is here. There are 165 attacks here in total. It is 52.3 kilometers to Varda, taking the E55 highway northeast, There are a total of 70 attacks here. The next city is Kalamata, 100 kilometers southeast if you take E65. There are a total of 50 attacks here. From varda, Patra is about 50 kilometers east taking the E55. There are 22 total attacks here. Traveling 85 kilometers northeast from Kalamata, you arrive at Tripoli. There are 22 total attacks here. Aigio is about 50 kilometers east of patra taking the E55 highway. There are a total of 13 attacks here. It is 100 kilometers from Gytheio to Tripoli taking the E961 highway north. There…show more content…
Day four the virus has spread across ten cities. Pyrgos is hit the hardest with one hundred and thirty-two attacks. Varda is hit with fifty-seven, Kalamata is hit with forty-two, Patra with nineteen, Tripoli with eighteen, eleven attacks in Aigio, six in the city of Gytheio, five in Korinthos, two in the capital city of Athens, and one more in Chalkida. It seems to be that the further away you get from Pyrgos, the less the attacks occur. The attacks center in Pyrgos and quickly spread north and south taking the main highways E55 and E65 for easiest route to larger towns. The zombies seem to be following these roads eastward with a few branching out to E961 taking them to Gytheio. E55 and E65 meet forming E94 still heading east. E94 branches off and joins up with E962. The concentration is now heading north to Chalkida. As far as we can tell the attacks stop in this city. Possible transportation for us are the hellenic main and minor railways running through southern greece most routing north. The Zakynthos ferry run to the smaller islands in the western parts of Greece, and the subway runs out past the city of

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