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When Fire and Music Meets Physics we get the Pyro Board The Pyro board is a metal box with speakers attached to it and propane ran into it. There are holes strategically placed throughout the top depending on the boxes overall size and design for the flames. After the Pyro board is built it can be used to demonstrate sound waves. The Pyro board is an adaptation of the Rubens tube. The Rubens tube was invented in 1905 by Heinrich Ruben to demonstrate the relationship between sound waves and sound pressure. Heights of the flames flowing out of small holes in the top of the tube, adjust to reflect the frequency and speed of sound. The Pyro board or 2d Rubens tube was created to expand on the possibilities of the original Rubens tube. Over the…show more content…
The flames create a visual demonstration of the sound wave as it travels through the standing wave. On account of displacement, nodes correspond to pressure antinodes, and displacement antinodes correspond to pressure nodes. Causing the flames to react. Notwithstanding other outside factors. However, there are many variables that affect sound waves. For instance, the state of matter the wave is traveling through. Temperature, humidity, and the wind all affect the speed, the wave travels. Consequently, when using a Pyro board as a teaching tool these factors should be considered when choosing where to do your demonstration and how to build your Pyro board. Moreover you should prepare for unavoidable factors accordingly. In conclusion, the Pyro board is more than just a toy that can use fire to play with music or music to play with fire. It can be a great tool for teaching about how sound waves work, by displaying a physical reaction to the different aspects of the sound waves for example the highs and lows or crests and troughs of the sound wave. It also illustrates what happens when a sound wave meets interference. All well, keeping the audience captivated by its magnificent

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