Physiotherapy In Norway Case Study

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1. Background

Norway, a parliamentary democracy and one of the wealthiest countries in the world is divided into three administrative areas which is state, county and municipality. The responsibility for the Health Care System is divided between these administrative areas. The State, which is divided into 4 regions Helse Nord, Helse sør-øst, Helse- vest and Helse midt- Norge has the responsibility for the specialized health services, the County for the dental care, while the municipality is responsible for the primary health care services.

It is estimated about 300 000 employees in the Norwegian Health Care system.

The Health care system is financed by the public sector for about 85 %.(1) Which include a big part from «Folketrygden» and
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Personal and psychological factors can influence the road of treatment a great deal and that makes it more important to locate these at the start of treatment period to prevent lack of progress.


Physiotherapy in Norway are found in several different health care sections. Physiotherapists are found in both private practice and in public health care. This can be hospitals, rehabilitation centers, educational employment and sport associations to name a few. For the private practicing an association called The Norwegian Physiotherapy Association was formed. This association has to date over 9300 members, which about 2500 are subsided.(3)
An unfortunate result of the subsidy is that a substantial amount of physiotherapists needs to work outside the health care system due to the fact that there are few available vacancies.

“Heidi” is a 74 year old norwegian female patient diagnosed with muscle atrophy and gluteal insufficiency, no neurological signs. Looking at her medical history reflects that she has been through more than average the last two decades. After loosing her husband in a car accident, problems piled
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