Pythagoras: The Beliefs Of Eating Animals

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The first documented animal activist is believed to be Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher. Pythagoras strongly believed in the concept of transmigration of souls between human and animals which lead him to concur the reasoning for treating the animals with respect that’s why he opposed religious sacrifices and meat from fear of killing the soul of a loved one or an ancestor. Pythagoras famously says "Human beings, stop desecrating your bodies with impious foodstuffs. There are crops; there are apples weighing down the branches; and ripening grapes on the vines; there are flavorsome herbs; and those that can be rendered mild and gentle over the flames; and you do not lack flowing milk; or honey fragrant from the flowering thyme. The earth, prodigal of its wealth, supplies you with gentle sustenance, and offers you food without killing or shedding blood " . Empedocles, 450 BCE, was another pro-animal activist, who talked against animal slavery and the consumption of meat. "Slaughter and meat-eating are the most terrible of sins, indeed for him animal slaughter is murder and meat-eating is cannibalism. He disagreed with his teacher arguing that eating animals was wrong because it robbed animals of their life, that animals could reason, sense and feels like humans do. Eating them was therefore unfair”.
Changing human attitude, views and values marks the changing realities confronting society. For example legal status of women has changed in west along with non-white men. Abolition
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