Qandeel Baloch Argument Analysis

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This strong opposing view in regard to the STATUS given to Qandeel Baloch is not only my own personal argument and opinion, rather the majority agrees on what I support. As an evidence for this, I conducted set of secondary and primary research, analysis of which will prove that my argument is right. Starting from the primary research, I started from the basic one i.e. poling. I set up a pole and questioned general public inclusive of youth most importantly that what to do you consider Qandeel Baloch as? Or do you consider her to be an emblem of women empowerment or freedom? Majority supported the latter, 59% considered her a symbol of freedom, 10% denied for women empowerment and 8% were bewildered. After observing this percentage variation,…show more content…
She's not intimidated by a man’s success. Her body is not her weapon for success. I further moved on asking what majority view Qandeel Baloch as, as mentioned previously, majority viewed her as “ATTENTION SEEKER”. Adding to this, I asked my respondents as to what they think regarding the view of those who actually entitles her with women empowerment. Majority said that these people who consider her to be empowered suffers from lack of awareness regarding such issues, others said that people are confused and need some serious help otherwise people like Qandeel Baloch wouldn’t have had become famous in first place. Also stated, women empowerment is more about prolonging and encouraging womanhood for better, Qandeel was just practicing freedom. Last but not the least, few respondents said that she was an attention seeker who gained fame due to her expression of desires to celebrities like Imran khan and Shahid Afridi. She cannot be a symbol of women empowerment since she is not the ideal person who sets a good example for the other girls of the society. I also reflected upon the killing of Qandeel Baloch by asking that whether her killing shall be labeled as HONOR killing or
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