Qantas Airways Case Study

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Qantas Airways (integration between Jetstar and Qantas), is the flag carrier of Australia, which well-known as the famous low cost airline with the strongest band and one of three oldest airlines in the world. Its nickname is “the flying kangaroo”. From the beginning that the company uses the biplane that can serve only one or two passengers, but now the airline can support the demand of the passenger by using bigger plane such as AIRBUS A380 that can carry the passenger around 450 per flight.
The successful of Qantas airline are not only the machine but it comes from the manpower that attempt to institute the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd (QANTAS) from the past the airline flight with the big problem is war by have
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If mostly of organization is safe, that’s mean the risk will reduce the damage or frequencies of loss. But to make that come true, everyone in the organization needs to understand about what safety is, how is it important for the organization and they have to follow to the safety policies. Moreover, if the organization has their own statistics and information collecting department, the risk in the organization will be reduced because they have the statistics and information out the mistake in the past(to be case study) then they will know the way to avoid or reduce damage and they know how to manage risk in the different situations.
Safety Management System (SMS) of Qantas already good system for managing risk because its flexible management setting can adapt in various risk situations. The SMS not only protect the organization loss, but also eliminate the unnecessary worries that can reduce efficiency.
So, we have not much suggested to
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They have operated for a long time and it can be said that they can manage their risk very well from both internal factors such as the structure level, cheating in organization in the organization or the external factors such as environmental changes by using many methods to protect their people, customers, and the things belonging to the organization.The Qantas emphasizes on the proactive way to dealing with the unexpected situation because the proactive method will be planned the solution for any risk in the future by using the tools or learning from the mistakes in the past. To make the proactive to be successful, they have to build the understanding about risk and risk management firstly and trains their staffs to improve skill and use the most appropriate tools for making decision to control risks.
There are many levels of risk depending on each situation and the damage level, so risk management should be selected in the same level too. The three mains of risk management levels are risk avoidance, risk prevention, and risk control. When the Qantas decides to select, they must ensure that the selected management level can eliminate or control the risk. For example, the case study about the CO2 and noise emission of aircraft, the Qantas selected the risk control level by using the financial risk management to

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