Qatar Airways Leadership Style Analysis

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Akbar AL Baker Qatar Airways ' Chief Executive Officer 1. What leadership styles account for their success? There are various leadership styles. Mr. Al Baker uses combination of two leadership styles: Autocratic and Transactional. In table 1 (, 2009) the difference between different leadership styles is shown. Even Mr. Al Baker himself admits his style of leadership is Autocratic with some elements of transactional style. Decision-making control is tightly centralized . On the one hand, Mr. Al Baker is the person with the last word in the company. His signature is on all the documents and contracts. His opinion is in first place in terms of business. Even thought there are 17 people on airlines management board, CEO can manipulate the outcome of every meeting as he likes. On the other hand, Mr. Al Baker maybe has a lack of technical knowledge, so his…show more content…
Table 2: Comparison of authors and Qatar Airways CEO leaderhsip styles ? Autocratic (Primary style of Mr. Al Baker) democratic (used by author) Transactional (used by author) Control Strong control over group Less control over group Between strong and medium control Motivation of the team Team motivated by coercion Economic/ego awards are used rewards Advices People are directed by strict commands People are directed by guidance and suggestions Peple are instructed to carry out tasks as the told Communication Communication flow only downward Communication goes up and down Communication downward Decision Decision making does not involve others Decision making involves others Decision making not involves others Critisims critisism is punishing critisism is constructive Critisims in acceptable but not always constructive Author creates structures, where it is clear what is required from subordinates. Respectively subordinates get rewards for following orders. Punishments are not mentioned to subordinates, but it is understood that there is formal system of

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