Qatar Airways Leadership Style

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1. What leadership styles account for their success?
There are various leadership styles. After deep analysis of various Mr. Al Baker interviews and statements author determined that Qatar Airways CEO uses combination of mainly of two leadership styles: Autocratic and Transactional. Even Mr. Al Baker himself admits his style of leadership is Autocratic with some elements of transactional style.
• Decision-making control is tightly centralized and centralized. On the one hand, Mr. Al Baker is the man with the last word in the company. His signature is on all the documents and contract. His opinion is leading in terms of business. Even thought there is 17 people of airlines managers board, CEO can manipulate them as he likes. On the other hand, there Mr. Al Baker maybe has a lack of technical knowledge, so his final word is heavily dependent on analysis and performance of lower management and management board.
Source of motivation in Qatar Airways is based on fear of punishment and rewards scheme. For example, some kind of punishments are described in interview with a Qatar Airways Cabin Crew to a Swedish journal "Expressen" in article "The truth about the luxury of Qatar Airways". In this article cabin crew describes all the punishments that cabin crew receive for being late, breaking the rules, not following procedures, providing low level of service.

Nevertheless, there are positive feedbacks
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